Cursed Tower Pendant

Cursed Tower Pendant

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Long ago an ambitious king tricked a witch into building a mighty castle on the edge of the sea. When the witch uncovered his deception she cursed the fortress. For every year the king reigned more and more of the castle would crumble into the sea. As the king aged it deteriorated, until there was just one ramshackle tower left . . .

Uprooted from the bedrock and hanging in space the Cursed Tower pendant takes it's inspiration from two sources, the catastrophic change embodied by the Tower card in Tarot, and King Haggard's cursed castle in The Last Unicorn. 

The pendant is available in two variants, solid brass or solid silver. The silver pendant has a 24" sterling silver chain and the brass has a 20" gold plated chain. The pendant itself measures just over 2" long and has a very solid weight. 

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