Witch Queen Scrap Gown

Witch Queen Scrap Gown


Sweep into the room and be greeted as royalty. This gown is made to evoke the feeling of 18th century high court style, but crafted entirely of salvaged material. Eschelle bows climb the front of the bodice, the train trails on the floor behind and cotton sateen ‘ribbons’ hang from the shoulders.

I save the scrap pieces from every project I work on and when I have enough I get to create something grand. This dress incorporates scrap material from the past 6 months of projects. Silks and velvets add luster to the cotton, lace, wool and linen panels. Each piece is placed with care to create as much visual depth and as flattering a silhouette as possible. The bodice and skirt are separate pieces and could easily be worn with other items. Both close with hooks and eyes, and the bodice hooks to loops on the skirt waistband to hold it in place.

Bust: 38.5’

Waist: 31”

The last three photos are lightened to show the contrasting materials. This is a one of a kind piece, and though I may make more scrap gowns in the future, the next one will not be the same as this.

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