Preorder Morwen Smock Blouse

Preorder Morwen Smock Blouse


The Morwen Blouse is named for a very practical witch from one of my favorite childhood books. The blouse is made of washed cotton with raw edges. The sleeves end in a very full ruffle, cut short enough at the front to always keep you hands free. The fit is A line, so it swings out over your hips. It's easy to wear under a dress, over a skirt or with skinny jeans. Brass buttons button up the front. 

I'll be doing a running set of orders for these production will take 1 month from the time the order is placed. 

Size 1

Bust 40

Neck 13.75

Bicep 14


Size 2

Bust 44

Neck 15.75

Bicep 16

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