Preorder: Cimorene Saque Dress

Preorder: Cimorene Saque Dress


The Cimorene dress is named for the no nonsense princess in one of my favorite childhood books. The perfect dress for every practical witch. Made in soft black cotton, this dress is meant to be worn wrinkled. The edges are left raw to allow the hem and sleeves to move freely. The high collar adds a ragged elegance to any look and the full pagoda sleeves float freely. This dress has pockets tucked into the side seams large enough for a phone, wallet or a small book.  It can be worn alone with it's neckbow or as an underdress. It is a loose a line fit and can accommodate many sizes. 


I'll be doing a running set of orders for these production will take 1 month from the time the order is placed. 

Size 1

Bust 39in

Neck 14in

Bicep 14in


Size 2

Bust 43in

Neck 16in

Bicep 16in

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